At Meon Brick, we combine over 35-years service and in-depth knowledge of products across the brick industry alongside providing an informative, attentive and high-quality service, to specialise in matching all shapes and sizes of bricks.

Our experience ranges from supplying bricks for new build and commercial developments, to one-off self-build residential projects. Whether you’re an individual or a building or manufacturing industry professional, our personal and flexible approach allows us to provide just the right service for the scope of your project.

Our product list features handmade, machine-made and reclaimed bricks from both well-known manufacturers, as well as smaller and more artisan producers and craftsmen.


Expert brick matching for
your project.



High-quality reclaimed bricks to
your specification.



Hassle-free delivery service
available across the UK.



Impartial advice on
properties & performance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1There seem to be so many different choices, where do I start?
Take a photograph of the bricks you need to match, approximately 30cm from existing brickwork, then another approx 1 metre away, then email to Meon Brick. Measure the length and height of an individual brick (if all uniform in size), then include this information in your email to us using info@meonbrick.co.uk.
2I don’t know how many bricks I need. Can you help?
Once we know how many square metres of brickwork, we can then estimate the quantity required. We do however recommend the quantity ordered is calculated by your QS or builder.
3I have a budget. What are my options?
We will endeavour to find the most cost effective option to meet your requirements. Please send us an email with your enquiry to info@meonbrick.co.uk.
4Does the brick have to be a particular size?
It is important to ensure the dimensions of new bricks supplied fit the existing as close as possible, otherwise the bonding will not match.
5Is there a minimum quantity when ordering?
The minimum quantity is one complete pack. Pack sizes vary according to supplier and can be advised on an individual basis.
6Do I have to go through a builder or an architect to buy bricks from you?
No, bricks can be purchased direct from Meon Brick.
7Can I see samples on site?
If you would like to receive brick slip sample panels, please forward your request to info@meonbrick.co.uk.
8How many bricks do I get in a pack?
The number of bricks in one pack will vary from each manufacturer and can be advised on an individual basis..
9How long will it take for the bricks to be delivered?
Ex-stock bricks can normally be supplied within 3 to 5 working days. This may be longer depending on manufacturer lead-times.
10I’ve been quoted a price from another merchant. Can you beat it?
Please contact us and we will aim to be as competitive as possible.
11I’m working with a listed building. Can you help?
In the first instance please contact a Conservation Officer or Architect, as they will be able to assist with your project. We would then be happy to discuss your requirements and find a suitable brick to meet your needs.
12Can you recommend builders and architects for me?
We can suggest a builder or architect, however we recommend that you research these in your local area.

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